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Is former U.S. President Trump going to be indicted? 

And, a mass shooting at a school in Tennessee.  

A grand jury in New York, hearing evidence into a hush-money investigation involving former U.S. President Donald Trump and alleged payments to a porn star, could indict him soon.   

Meanwhile, Trump continues to lash out at what he calls a politically motivated witch-hunt. But the prospect that he will become the first former American president to be charged remains high.   

And, the U.S. has been rocked yet again by another mass shooting. This time at a school in Nashville, Tennessee where three nine-year-old children and three adults were killed. President Biden has addressed the issue at an event in North Carolina.  

Joining the discussion:

  • Eleanor Clift is a political columnist with the Daily Beast. 
  • Eric Bolling is the host of “The Balance” on Newsmax TV. 
  • Douglass Sloan is principal and senior political analyst at National Capitol Strategy Group. 
  • Brandon Brice is a columnist and host of the conservative Radio Talk Show, “The Brice is Right.”