Connie Lee

Connie Lee is a Reporter/Producer for CGTN America based in Washington D.C.

She joined CGTN in 2016 after a few years working as a Reporter/Producer in Seoul, South Korea, covering global headlines and producing special features.

Connie is a proud Korean American, who enjoyed living in the motherland, but is also glad to be back in the Washington region where she is from.

At CGTN, Connie launched an original series ‘Asian & American’—which creatively profiles Asian American individuals making a social impact in their respective industries. You can also see her covering what’s trending on social media.

She started her career in journalism working at the ABC affiliate channel based in the Washington region.

Connie is fluent in Korean, conversational in Spanish, and is currently working on her Mandarin!


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May 30, 2020

What will hotel reopening look like?

A stay at a hotel any time soon may look and feel very different. Many hotels across the U.S. are taking extra precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of bell boys, nurses are around. And forget eating that breakfast buffet, for now. Read More...
Mei Xu
July 28, 2019

Asian & American: Mei Xu

She first immigrated to the U.S. for a career in foreign services, but ended up building a massive home decor business instead. She’s Mei Xu—pronounced ‘may she’—who’s the woman behind Chesapeake Bay Candle. If you’re in the U.S., you might’ve seen her products. Read More...
Water is buried beneath Martian landscape, study says
July 26, 2018

Scientists find underground lake on Mars

A new discovery on Mars, raising the possibility that life could exist there. A group of Italian researchers say, for the first time, they found a large body of water on the Red Planet. They are calling it an underground lake. Read More...
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