Liling Tan

Liling Tan is an award-winning journalist covering the United Nations for China Global TV Network, reporting on all matters peace and security, conflict and climate, development and diplomacy.

Liling first joined the CGTN news team in 2012 as a business correspondent, reporting out of the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, covering financial markets, big banks, and the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Based in New York, Liling has also been deployed across the U.S. Northeast to cover major news events for CGTN, including the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Liling brings with her two decades of editorial experience in print and broadcast that cover multiple fields across Asia and the United States, from geopolitics to weapons of mass destruction, oil & petrochemicals to plastics and packaging, global health to business trends.

Her ability to traverse finance, business and international affairs allows her to connect the dots between developments across the globe, and communicate to our audiences news events that matter, and why they matter.



NYC Chinatown museum back in business after massive fire
July 15, 2021

NYC Chinatown museum back in business after massive fire

In New York City, the Museum of Chinese in America has finally reopened after being shuttered for more than a year following a massive fire and the coronavirus pandemic.  The museum, which houses the largest archive of Chinese American history, kicked off its grand reopening […] Read More...
New York State pushes for police reform
April 17, 2021

New York State pushes for police reform

What does American police reform look like? America is known for having one of the most decentralized police systems in the world, making the push for reforms to end racism and police brutality complicated not just for this one state, but for the entire country. Read More...
April 2, 2021

What’s behind the rising numbers of anti-Asian attacks

  In America, hate crimes against Asians continue to stoke fears and outrage across the country. But a closer look at the suspects behind attacks in New York City paints a disturbing profile — many of the alleged offenders are themselves people of color. New York correspondent […] Read More...
10 years of war in Syria shows no signs of ending
March 15, 2021

10 years of war in Syria shows no signs of ending

The Syrian civil war has been going on for 10 years, since 2011, and shows no signs of ending. It has killed more than half a million people, forced nearly 12 million Syrians to flee for their lives, and led to one of the worst humanitarian tragedies since World War II and the largest refugee crisis of our time. Read More...
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