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Luís Aguilar

Luís Aguilar is a journalist and sports commentator and has authored many books covering world football.

He is the author of ten books published in Portugal. His website is:


May 4, 2016

China women’s football team looking for medals in Rio 2016

The Chinese government recently announced an ambitious plan to transform the country into “a world football superpower” by the year 2050. As part of its goal, China hopes to turn the women’s national football team into a world-class squad within the next decade and a […] Read More...
April 12, 2016

Is FIFA opening the door to a Chinese World Cup?

Money has no color, religion or nationality. Especially in times of crisis. FIFA reported losses of US$122 million in 2015, its first since 2002, because the corruption scandal that engulfed the organization in the last 11 months. The negative numbers were driven up by legal […] Read More...
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