Phil Lavelle

Phil Lavelle

Phil Lavelle joined CGTN-America in October 2016 as a West Coast Correspondent, based in Los Angeles.

He came to the network with a wealth of international experience, which has seen him cover stories everywhere from war zones to red carpets.

For several years, Phil worked as International Correspondent for Al Jazeera English, based in London. He covered hundreds of stories across the globe from the Gaza Strip, to the Cannes Film Festival.

He brought viewers developments from the scenes of countless breaking news stories including the UK’s Brexit vote, the 2016 FIFA FBI investigations, the Greek debt crisis, the UK’s Tottenham riots and the murder of British soldier, Lee Rigby in London. And he broke exclusive stories including an undercover investigation into the local mafia-led trade of illegal animal killings in Northern Cyprus.

Phil also spent significant amounts of time covering big events in the world of arts and technology – driving the network’s coverage of the film festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice for several years, as well as the Oscars and the World Web Summit.

Phil Lavelle at the Oscars

Phil Lavelle at the Oscars

Prior to that, Phil worked as Assistant Program Editor for the network, where he was one of those selected to launch the channel.

Viewers in Europe would also be familiar with his face as an Anchor. Phil spent years anchoring Sky News in the UK. Each day, he’d present the channel’s business news and he was a main Anchor of Sky World News and Sky News Today.

Prior to that, he was a network Correspondent at BBC Breakfast – the UK’s most watched Breakfast TV show. He spent mornings traveling around the country, meeting people from all walks of life and he was a key face of the BBC’s 2012 Olympic news coverage.

He also spent time as an Anchor of Channel Five News in the UK – presenting their weekend shows and weeknight evening bulletins to a national audience.

Phil is an accomplished technology journalist. For several years he was a reviewer and weekly columnist for – which allowed him to indulge his love of gadgets and tech. And he still spends far too much money on gizmos that he doesn’t need, but really wants.

He originally comes from the city of Liverpool in Northern England, which is where he began his career at local stations including Granada TV and Tyne Tees Television.


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