Roee Ruttenberg

Roee Ruttenberg

Roee Ruttenberg is based in Washington for CGTN America. Previously, he was based in Beijing and Tel Aviv for CGTN.
He has traveled to six continents and nearly 80 countries and interviewed presidents, prime ministers and CEOs, as well as, prisoners, pensioners and refugees. Roee has covered some of the biggest stories in the last few years, including the Syrian refugee crisis, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, tensions on the Korean peninsula, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Ukraine/Russia stand-off.

Roee has also reported from some of the most significant geopolitical summits, including the G20, the WEF and APEC. He has traveled from Mexico and Myanmar to Tunisia and Tuvalu reporting stories.

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October 10, 2019

China-US trade talks extend into second day

High-lever trade talks between the US and China lasted more than eight hours on Thursday and will extend into another day. US President Donald Trump told reporters the negotiations were going very, very well and that he would meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He at the Wg=hite House on Friday afternoon. Read More...
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