Game Changer

Single mothers in Mexico transform trash into treasure

This week’s Game Changer on “Americas Now” has literally found opportunity in a bottle. She’s taken the eco-friendly practice of litter collection and turned it into a jewelry collection. It’s a program in Mexico that gives new life to discarded materials and to single mothers as well. For […]


A Venezuelan mountaineer leads an expedition into integration

A mountain climber from Venezuela who believes in nature’s power to change is this week’s Game Changer on “Americas Now.” Marcus Tobia brings kids from different backgrounds together to teach them how to climb.  And with his program “Children on the Summit,” he sees them change […]


Giving Mexico City a makeover by growing gardens

Smog caused by heavy traffic and industry has given Mexico City a gloomy reputation. But one man is working with the local government to brighten that image. He designs community gardens in public spaces and offers workshops to residents.