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Friend or foe? Unpacking Trump’s UK visit

The U.K. and U.S. have shared a unique bond dating back centuries. Then came President Donald Trump. Anand Naidoo talks with correspondent Simon Marks about his long-delayed, yet highly anticipated U.K. visit, Brexit and PM Theresa May’s upcoming exit.


Why is the US targeting Huawei?

Huawei is the world’s largest provider of smartphones, but the U.S. is accusing it of spying on behalf of the Chinese government, increasing tensions ahead of a looming trade war. The Heat Podcast talks with senior correspondent Nathan King about the controversy.

US-Iran tensions

Why the Iran deal failed

In this podcast we talk about why the Iran deal failed with John Sitilides, a geopolitical strategist and consultant to the U.S. State Department and Barbara Slavin, the director of the Atlantic Council’s Future of Iran Initiative.


Would Venezuela be in crisis under Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez made Venezuela one of the richest countries in South America. Today, the Venezuelan economy is collapsing. On this episode we speak to Temir Porras, a former advisor to Chavez, on what could have been done to avoid the current crisis.

Karzai's Hat

BONUS: Karzai’s hat

CGTN’s Sean Callebs recounts the time on one of his deployments to Afghanistan when his cameraman tried to get a hold of one of President Karzai’s hats.

Sean Callebs in Afghanistan, 2019.

Why can’t the US win in Afghanistan?

The U.S. has been fighting a losing war in Afghanistan for over 19 years. On this episode we speak to CGTN Correspondent Sean Callebs on why U.S. forces have not been able to defeat the Taliban and how the security situation has deteriorated over the past ten years.


BONUS: Interviewing Obama

Joe Madison recollects the time he interviewed President Barack Obama in the Oval Office in 2010 – and how the former US President slyly ended the interview.

US China Trade

What’s really behind the US-China trade war?

As China and the US go back and forth trying to reach an agreement on a trade deal, we take a deeper look at what’s really driving this spat in relations. On this episode we are joined by CGTN White House Correspondent Nathan King.

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