What can be done now when the need is greatest? Are there new approaches that can help? How can technology and entrepreneurship help lead the way to a brighter future? Don’t miss when some of the most forward looking and solution-oriented minds come together to discuss the present and future of Poverty Alleviation, what is working, and how you can help. Join Anand Naidoo as we welcome preeminent Global Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators, presenting breakthrough ideas and real solutions in the fight against poverty.

Global Action Initiative’s 2020 Event – Poverty Alleviation

Theme – Shared Experience and Global Cooperation

In the first of two programs we look at inequality and other root causes of poverty, witness efforts to lift people up, and discuss the global pandemic’s impact on poverty alleviation. We’ll hear from global experts, a Nobel laureate and those wrestling with its consequences.


Shen Haixiong

President, China Media Group

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Fabrizio Hochschild

Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General

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Geoffrey Okamoto

First Deputy Managing Director, IMF

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Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Laureate 2006

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Wang Huiyao

Founder and President, Center for China and Globalization

Jorge Heine

Former Ambassador of Chile to the People’s Republic of China

William Haseltine

Infectious disease expert

Ebrahim Rasool

Former South African Ambassador to the United States

Theme – Solutions and Sustainability

At a time of unprecedented challenges and a global crisis, we’re taking a deeper look at ways to tackle poverty around the world. 2020 has been a challenging year, as the coronavirus pandemic roils economies around the world. Tens of millions have lost their jobs, their income, their homes and healthcare. Income inequality is rising as more and more people slip into penury. How can this trend be reversed? What are the solutions? Is technology the answer? We’ll examine ideas to help lift people out of poverty.


Zhang Jun

Chinese Ambassador to the UN

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Amir Mahmoud Abdulla

Deputy Executive Director, World Food Programme

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Qu Qiang

Consultant of International Poverty Reduction Center of China

Marcelo Neri

Former Minister of Strategic Affairs in Brazil

Dipa Sinha

Economist and Assistant Professor, Ambedkar University Delhi

Ken Banks

Head of Social Purpose at Yoti

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