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Mission 2020: Poverty Alleviation
The challenges of Poverty Alleviation have been compounded due to Covid-19. Stressed lines of critical aid have become more strained placing families at increased risk. Opportunities for education, housing, and jobs are even more scarce. Advances in infrastructure and healthcare have been put on hold and are in danger of slipping backward.
Global Action Initiative 2020 Event

What can be done now when the need is greatest? Are there new approaches that can help? How can technology and entrepreneurship help lead the way to a brighter future? Don’t miss when some of the most forward looking and solution oriented minds come together to discuss the present and future of Poverty Alleviation. What is working and how you can help.

Don’t miss preeminent Global Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators, coming together to present ideas and solutions for the fight against poverty.
Poverty Around The World
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