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Mission 2021: Project Earth
It is undeniable – our very future is at stake. The effects of global warming are being felt all over the world. More frequent and destructive storms, severe drought, wildfires, and record-breaking floods have been disrupting societies the world over. The outlook is grave. As more citizens, businesses and nations take action – is there hope for the future?
Global Action Initiative 2021 Event
World leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists come together to share their ideas toward a more stable and sustainable future.
November 2 7PM ET Climate on a global scale, current status update. Keynotes from dignitaries and experts with firsthand reports from crisis zones showcasing major challenges and what’s being done. Special Documentary Premier
Special Documentary Premier - ZERO HOUR: China
November 3 7PM ET Losing biodiversity. Plants and animals are vanishing, changing ecosystems and threatening our existence. What is the immeasurable impact across all aspects of life.
Documentary Premier - ZERO HOUR: United States
November 4 7PM ET From blazing temperatures to melting glaciers, from deadly flooding to vanishing rain forests, CGTN documentaries take you to the heart of the existential threat of climate change.
Documentary Premier - ZERO HOUR: Europe
November 5 7PM ET How ordinary folks are making a difference! The latest tips and surprising changes you can make that can have a big impact, helping the fight against climate change.
Documentary Premier - ZERO HOUR: Southeast Asia
November 6 7PM ET The younger generation fighting Climate Change. Spotlight on the latest innovations that are transforming our lives and saving the planet. Governments and businesses are teaming up, developing new ideas that are evolving businesses and communities today for a better tomorrow.
Documentary Premier - ZERO HOUR: Africa/Latin America
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Climate Around The World

Floating islands of non-biodegradable plastic waste are off the coast of Guatemala and Honduras. Why we all need to pay attention.

Our fresh water is disappearing, creating a global crisis. Find out how community leaders and scientists in Colombia are leading the way in water preservation.

It’s an island with mystical, ancient sites and vast natural marine resources. To save it, the natives are taking control of their land and the management of its resources.

Some of the best-preserved pre-historic art and relics in the world were found in an unexpected place. Now there is a museum to display those discoveries.

Climate Emergency in Louisiana:
How lessons learned can help others
face an uncertain future
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