Colors of China

Colors of China: Spider-Man cleaner

With almost 20 years’ experience as a window cleaner, Zhang Shimin has witnessed the astounding urban growth of the Chinese capital. “There was nothing outside the Third Ring Road when I first came to Beijing,” he said, perched on the roof of a 31-story building […]


Colors of China: Hostel Territory

Nestled in the heart of a mountain along the road from Lijiang to Shangri-La lies a quaint hostel that has been playing host to weary tourists for the past two decades. It was a curious set of circumstances that led Feng Defang to set up […]


Haute China: Made in the fabulous

Rapid growth over the past 30 years in China has had a profound impact on people’s tastes, leading to the development of new lifestyle industries. Fashion was once the indulgence of the privileged. But nowadays, it is growing to become a matter of individual expression.