Is the Modi government to blame for India’s second COVID surge?

The coronavirus pandemic is battering India with nearly 20 million people infected and close to 220,000 dead. Anand Naidoo spoke with journalist Asad Ashraf who’s on the ground covering the pandemic in India.

Oliver Stone on the history of U.S. intervention

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the failed CIA-led Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. It was a plot to oust Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Anand Naidoo spoke with acclaimed film-maker Oliver Stone about U.S. foreign policy over the past 60 years.

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A group of Lakota horse riders, some carrying flags and in Lakota regalia.
BIG STORY – The Race Gap in the U.S. Native Americans

Native Americans are the most vulnerable minority in the country. This episode of The Race Gap in the U.S. takes us to South Dakota, homeland of the Lakota people, to examine how this came to be.

A Border Patrol van parked with the rear doors open. And a group of migrants lining up to get in.
BIG STORY – The Race Gap in the U.S. Hispanics

At the turn of this century, Hispanics became the largest minority group in the United States. This milestone, however, hasn’t changed the way members of the community are being treated by authorities.

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Full Frame: Sinking Cities

Rising seas threaten to consume the coastal areas of major cities around the world. Now, those risks are compounded by an accelerating danger: Most of those cities are also sinking. Southern Florida is one of the most vulnerable places. “My city is a barrier island, […]

Full Frame: COVID Variants

COVID-19 has killed more than 1 million people in the U.S. But as the number of COVID related hospitalizations and infection rates continue to decline, more governments have dropped the obligation for passengers in public transport to wear masks. users of metros, buses, trains, planes, and […]