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Big Story – Coca Growers

The decades-long War on Drugs failed. The Colombian government is trying a new approach.

Big Story – Children Of The Border

On the Colombia-Venezuela border, dozens of children relentlessly pursue their education as they dream of a better future. Every day, they brave the indomitable terrain of the La Guajira peninsula to get to school.

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Full Frame: Technology for Social Change

The Consumer Electronics Show is the largest consumer tech showcase in the world. How are the innovations here revolutionizing the way we live? Walking the showroom  From health and wellness to drone soccer, innovations in tech were in full display. Follow Mike Walter as he […]

Full Frame: Peace of Art

Across time, artists have utilized their craft to convey a spectrum of emotions, from elation to anguish. Through exhibitions, concerts, and plays worldwide, our profound sentiments find expression. Can moments of adversity also ignite creativity?