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BIG STORY – The Handshake

U.S. President Richard Nixon called his 1972 visit to China “the week that changed the world.” But it was the secret trip taken by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger the year before that laid the foundation of the historic meeting that would see China and the United States begin to normalize bilateral relations.

Head shot of Jaz, a transgender woman, as she's seated in the grounds of the encampment where she resides. She's wearing a multicolored wool beanie and a leather jacket. You can see building in the background.
BIG STORY – Homeless – Inequality In The U.S.

In San Francisco, rampant crime, soaring costs and a broken government are driving residents into the streets — or out of state. Big Story reports on the unraveling of America’s largest economy.

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Full Frame: Promoting Inclusion

Prejudice, discrimination and bigotry can lead to racism against individuals.

Full Frame: APEC Leaders’ Meeting

It’s one of the most important multilateral economic meetings of the year, The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.  Presidents, ministers and finance officials representing gathered in San Francisco this week.   What came out of this week’s meetings? And what does it mean for the global economy?  Among the most anticipated moments […]