Ukraine-Russia tensions

Will the latest tensions between Russia and Ukraine plunge the region into another crisis? Mike Walter spoke with Volodymyr Yelchenko, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. and American University professor Anton Fedyashin.

IMF chief lays out priorities and challenges ahead

IMF’s managing director, Kristalina Georgieva spoke to Anand Naidoo about a range of issues including the IMF’s projections for global economic recovery, its plans to help the world’s poorest nations and China’s role in mitigating debt.

Big Story
Creating new narcotics
BIG STORY – The Molecule Movers

Speaking with former addicts, chemists, family members of victims and current synthetic drug users; ‘The Molecule Movers’ takes viewers into the world of black-market chemistry.

BIG STORY – The Spanish Gate

The Spanish Gate takes an in-depth look at how the Iberian nation became a major gateway for narcotics, the methods used by smugglers and cartels and the efforts of law enforcement, activists and municipalities vying to solve this problem.

Americas Now
Full Frame
Full Frame: China-U.S. Relations

From the global economy to climate change, the world’s future hinges on the relationship between China and the United States. Tensions between the two superpowers soared in 2020. Washington blamed Beijing for the coronavirus pandemic, and the two countries remained locked in a trade war. […]

Full Frame: Fighting COVID

Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with Dr. Eric Finzi, about using zinc as a form of treatment for COVID-19. And Mike talks with ‘Nurse Angela’, a registered nurse who created a podcast discussing the experiences of working in a hospital’s ICU.