IMF chief lays out priorities and challenges ahead

IMF’s managing director, Kristalina Georgieva spoke to Anand Naidoo about a range of issues including the IMF’s projections for global economic recovery, its plans to help the world’s poorest nations and China’s role in mitigating debt.

Can China and the U.S. turn a corner in Alaska?

U.S. and Chinese officials are meeting in Anchorage for the first time since Joe Biden became U.S. president. So how will they move forward on critical issues from trade to human rights? Former U.S. Ambassador to China, Gary Locke had some thoughts.

Big Story
BIG STORY – State of Fear: The U.S. Legacy in El Salvador

‘State of Fear: The U.S. Legacy in El Salvador’ takes viewers deep inside this ever-growing world of gangs and violence while examining the effects of migration and deportation on gang membership.

BIG STORY – Running Water: COVID-19 in Africa

‘Running Water: COVID-19 in Africa’ takes viewers to South Africa and Kenya to see the struggles faced by their citizens while examining the efforts being made by their governments, NGOs and residents to remain safe where little water is to be found.

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Full Frame
Full Frame: Fighting COVID

Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with Dr. Eric Finzi, about using zinc as a form of treatment for COVID-19. And Mike talks with ‘Nurse Angela’, a registered nurse who created a podcast discussing the experiences of working in a hospital’s ICU.

Full Frame: Herd Immunity

talks with experts, Dr. Jennifer Bouey and Dr. William Petri about what we’ve learned so far, and what the coming months might bring.