COVID-19: The search for a vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic is raging across the United States with more than 151,000 dead and around 4.5 million infected. But there may be some hope on the horizon with scientists reporting encouraging results in their search for a vaccine.

China’s Mission to Mars

China has launched an ambitious mission to Mars. It’ll attempt to deploy an orbiter, lander and rover after the Tianwen-1 spacecraft enters Mars’ orbit in February. If it succeeds, China will become the first nation to achieve such a complex feat.

Big Story
BIG STORY – Emerging: 24 Hours in Europe

‘Emerging: 24 Hours in Europe’ takes viewers to Spain, Italy, Germany and France to see how far efforts to combat COVID-19 have come and to learn what challenges still remain for the continent’s residents, medical workers and first responders.

BIG STORY – White Space

Though your phone may have been designed in California, your car in Germany and your camera in Japan, their components originate from all corners of the globe.
Globalization has changed how our products are manufactured, making the globe an international cooperative factory.
Made in Different Places takes a close look at how multinational the products we use have become and how this process has changed how the world conducts business.

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Full Frame: The Hunger Paradox

Even without a global pandemic, more than 820 million people were going hungry in 2018, according to the United Nations. Now, the United Nations fears the number of people facing food crises across the world will nearly double in 2020 — spiking to 265 million. 

Full Frame: Technology in Sports

It started as technology designed by the military to track missiles.  Now technology like this is being used in professional sports to track the ball and a player’s motions, and data is then analyzed to create new plays, improve performance and avoid injuries. Former Olympian […]