Is the Modi government to blame for India’s second COVID surge?

The coronavirus pandemic is battering India with nearly 20 million people infected and close to 220,000 dead. Anand Naidoo spoke with journalist Asad Ashraf who’s on the ground covering the pandemic in India.

Oliver Stone on the history of U.S. intervention

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the failed CIA-led Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. It was a plot to oust Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Anand Naidoo spoke with acclaimed film-maker Oliver Stone about U.S. foreign policy over the past 60 years.

Big Story
BIG STORY – The Sounds of Mali

Speaking with United Nations peacekeepers, officials, educators, musicians and activists, ‘The Sounds of Mali’ takes viewers from the wind-swept dunes of the Sahara, to the adobe brick-built streets of Timbuktu.

BIG STORY – Two Degrees Celsius

‘Two Degrees Celsius’ examines the physical, material and psychological damage being dealt by climate change.

Americas Now
Full Frame
Full Frame: Escaping the Northern Triangle

Close to 100,000 migrants were detained by U.S. border patrol back in February of 2021. Most of the people crossing come from a region in Central America known as “The Northern Triangle.” It is composed of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. 

Full Frame: Cultural Diplomacy

Full Frame’s Mike Walter talks with cultural diplomacy expert, Curtis Sandberg and David Uy, executive director of the Chinese American Museum about the importance of international cultural exchange.