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Paraguay – the path ahead

From politics to culture, many key parts of society in Paraguay are shifting. Some outcomes can be predicted, but others are very much in flux. To tell these stories, CGTN’s Paulo Cabral and cameraman Alexandre Rampazzo traveled to Paraguay.

Cuba's revolutionary history draws tourists

Cuba’s revolutionary history draws tourists

Granma Province, where Fidel Castro set up his secret headquarters, played a key part in Fidel Castro’s revolution. Today it’s tourists who make the four kilometer hike to see the site for themselves and soak up the history.

Hong Kong's 20 years

Hong Kong’s 20 years

July 1 marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s reunification with mainland China after 150 years of British governance. CGTN America takes a look back at the changes taken place, and what they mean to Hong Kong, China – and the world.