2016 began with the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal, forged with the hard work of China, the U.S. and other world powers.
December 30, 2016

Chinese box office continues record-breaking growth

Another record year at the Chinese box office: movie ticket sales surpassed 44 billion yuan.($ 6.3 billion). 2 percent growth over last year, however, was far below the 30-plus percent seen in previous years. And, continuing a trend, the movie that topped the box office […]

UN Security Council adopts sanctions against DPRK coal export
November 30, 2016

UN Security Council adopts sanctions against DPRK coal export

China’s ambassador to the U.N. Liu Jieyi said the resolution shows the unity among the international community against the DPRK’s nuclear missile program, but reiterated Beijing’s objections to the U.S. deployment of its Thaad missile system in the Republic of Korea.

legacy of Fidel Castro
November 29, 2016

Iconic images capture Fidel Castro’s legacy

Today in Cuba, images of Fidel Castro are everywhere:outside people’s homes and inside,in newspapers and on television. Fidel Castro reportedly wanted it that way using his image to keep his legacy alive.

November 3, 2016

Muslim-Americans rise to attention during the US election

Syrian refugee Mohamad Sayadi tells his story about the one year change since he came to the United States, while some Muslim American activists are working hard to have an impact on the next U.S. election. Their hope is for a nation where they feel respected and included.