Photos: Celebrating the Persian New Year

Images from the Persian New Year celebration. Photography by Elmira Jafari.

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Iranians leap over the fire to celebrate Chahar Shanbeh Suri
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Haft-seen table: Sir or Garlic beautifully decorated.
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Haft-seen set up.
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Gold fish are an important part of Haft-seen table. They represent life.
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A store in Tehran selling Goldfish and Sabezeh (wheat sprouts) for the New Year.
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Ash Reshteh: Traditional Iranian noodle soup, served on Chahar Shanbeh Suri and 13 Bedar.
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Persians eat lots and lots of kebob on 13 Bedar.
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Another beautiful Haft-seen set up
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Another beautiful Haft-seen set up
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Koo Koo Sabzi, veggie pattie.
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Sabzi Polo Mahi