The History of Alibaba in Photos

[img src=]4930Some of Alibaba’s founders gathered at the Great Wall. Jack Ma and other founders vowed to build a company that would make all the Chinese be proud of. (1998)
[img src=]3470Early start of the entrepreneurship at Lakeside Garden (1999)
[img src=]2900Early start of the entrepreneurship at Lakeside Garden (1999)
[img src=]2641Early start of the entrepreneurship at Lakeside Garden (1999)
[img src=]2560Entrepreneurial team gathering at Lakeside Garden (1999)
[img src=]2650Jack Ma and Cai Chongxin traveling in a boat on the Westlake (1999)
[img src=]2281Jack Ma and Cai Chongxin announced, at the first time, the establishment of Alibaba at a press conference in Hong Kong. (1999)
[img src=]2480Alibaba attending the Canton Fair (1999)
[img src=]2300Alibaba’s press conference in Beijing (1999)
[img src=]2300Jack Ma having a meeting at Lakeside Garden during the early start of the entrepreneurship (2000)
[img src=]2140Alibaba’s first anniversary and the China headquarter establishment celebration (2000)
[img src=]2230Jack Ma was taking an interview. (2000)
[img src=]2010The first Westlake Swordfight (2000)
[img src=]1850The first Westlake Swordfight (2000)
[img src=]1950Jack Ma, Chai Songyue, the former Zhejiang Province governor, and Zhang Chaoyang, the CEO of Sohu, Inc. met at the Westlake. (2000)
[img src=]1850Jack Ma showed his chess skills in the boat on the Qian Dao Lake during company’s outing. (2001)
[img src=]1822The company accomplished the goal of earning one RMB during the whole year. Wu Jiong and Cai Chongxin were putting the first RMB into an envelope in the finance office. (2002)
[img src=]1630Staff photo at the early establishment of Alipay (2003)
[img src=]1830The “handstand” culture in Taobao (2003)
[img src=]1690The “handstand” culture in Taobao (2003)
[img src=]1720The “handstand” culture in Taobao (2003)
[img src=]1650The First Session of Chinese E-traders Conference (2004)
[img src=]1500After moving from Hua Xing, the Human Resource Office became much bigger. (2004)
[img src=]1570The first group of 37 staff who have been working for Alibaba for 5 years (2004)
[img src=]1540Alibaba’s 5th anniversary (2004)
[img src=]1330Alipay’s partnership with the film A World without Thieves (2005)
[img src=]1410Alibaba attending the 97th Canton Fair (2005)
[img src=]1390After the 5th Westlake Swordfight, Jack Ma accompanied the former U.S. President Bill Clinton to visit the Westlake.
[img src=]1420After the 5th Westlake Swordfight, Jack Ma took photos with the guests. (2005)
[img src=]1460Alibaba’s group wedding (2006)
[img src=]1650Jack Ma and the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos took a picture at The 3rd International Web 2.0 Conference which was hosted in San Francisco in the United States. (2006)
[img src=]1450The coverage of one Alibaba’s greeting card. (2007)
[img src=]1340Alibaba’s software had a strategic cooperation with Microsoft Corporation. (2007)
[img src=]1310Jack Ma at the 2007 APEC Conference (2007)
[img src=]1200Jack Ma at the 2007 APEC Conference (2007)
[img src=]1351Jack Ma was on the authoritative finance and economics magazine, Fortune Magazine’s, coverage. (2007)
[img src=]1310The Ten Years’ Journey and Hundred Years’ Alibaba Celebration (2009)
[img src=]1100The Ten Years’ Journey and Hundred Years’ Alibaba Celebration (2009)
[img src=]1270Alibaba's "Double Eleven" Promotion (2013)
[img src=]1442Alibaba's "Double Eleven" Promotion (2013)