A Look to Adolescent Pregnancy


An issue that can mean life or death for children and teenagers around the world. It’s adolescent pregnancy. One in ten of all pregnanices occur when the mother is between the age of 10 and 19. And when that happens, the risk of death or complication dramacally increases. According to the World Health Organization.

It says every year, some 16 million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 give birth. Virtually all of those– or about 95 percent– occur in low and middle income countries.  Of all births that take place during adolescence, about 2 percent occur in China. More than half or more than eight million  occur every year in sub-Saharan Africa.  Additionally 18 percent– or about one in five– occur in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CCTV’s John Holman explores the issue from Mexico.


194 countries including China and the United States are members of the World Health Organization (WHO). In a 20-10 report, the WHO advocated for universal health coverage. But some asked about how to pay for it. The World Health Organization argues that richer countries should do more to help poorer countries.

But even in relatively rich countries like Brazil there are unique issues. Especially when it comes to giving birth. 90 percent of deliveries in private hospitals use Ceasarian sections far above the rate of 15 percent recommended by the WHO and many other medical organizations. CCTV’s Stephen Gibbs reports on what’sdriving the trend.

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