Quinoa Explosion

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Take a walk through your favorite health food store, and it’s hard not to see this product. From quinoa cakes to quinoa salad, and quinoa cookies to quinoa bars, this grain-like cereal is a hot commodity. It’s loaded with fiber, high in protein, and is one of the only foods on earth to contain all six essential amino acids.  Quinoa is such a “superfood”, that in 2008 NASA started taking it to space fuel astronauts on missions. Thereafter, it started an international craze.

But for the Bolivian farmers that harvest quinoa, the story is a little bit more complicated. While revenues are growing because of increased production and exportation, little is left for the families that have been subsisting off of quinoa for generations. They are often left with less nutritious and viable alternatives, which do little for the health of locals.  However, as of 2013, the Bolivian government has been taking steps to reincorporate the nutrient-rich quinoa back in to the diet of young citizens, renewing its local importance.

Quinoa Explosion

Colombia is one of seven countries that is home to the Andes Mountains. Two other countries are Peru and Bolivia - which also happen to be the top two producers of a “superfood” that originates from the Andes. It’s called Quinoa. And it’s become extremely popular around the world in recent years because of the minerals, vitamins and proteins it possesses. It has everything a hot health food requires these days it’s organic, high-fiber, gluten-free, and contains essential amino acids. It’s also a top weight-loss food that is used in many diets.


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