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Starting Block

CGTN America’s “Starting Block” is looking for startups around the world, with the potential to make a global impact. We go behind the buzz of trends to find out what makes successful entrepreneurs tick. Pitch us on why we should feature your company!

To have your startup considered, the company should be:

  • Unique, innovative, socially uplifting, environmentally conscious, informative, entertaining, disruptive or improving/adapting an existing service or good
  • Visually interesting and engaging
  • Part of a global trend, untapped market or underserved community

When emailing us, please explain:

  • What problem you are trying to solve and how you are solving it
  • How your solution is better and/or different from your competitors
  • What sort of demand there is for the good/service
  • Global application of the good/service
  • Personal and professional challenges, successes and adjustments in starting and growing your business

CGTN Email address: startingblock@cgtnamerica.com
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