MIIT chief engineer on China’s cybersecurity policy

World Today

Zhang Feng, the Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology makes remarks to the 2014 Annual Chinese Conference on Computer and Network Security. Feng says cloud computing, social media represent new risks to Chinese netizens.

In his speech, Zhang said that 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of China’s connection to the Internet. “Through 20 years of development, our country has become a large cyber country worthy of that name. By the end of last year, the number of netizens in China exceeded 600 million, among whom 500 million netizens used mobile phones, there are 18.44 million domestic domain names, and 3.16 million websites in total. Last year, our country’s government successively published many major policies in the area of information and telecommunications.”

Zhang also noted that following the rapid development of the Internet, the problem of cybersecurity has become ever more prominent and ever more important. Except for vigorously responding to cybersecurity threats and strengthening indigenous innovation capacity, he pointed out the importance of developing ways to deal with malicious code on the mobile Internet and strengthening sectoral and international cooperation.

China’s State Internet Information Office announced recently that it will scrutinize products and services to be used for communications, finance, energy, national security and other purposes.

Vetting of products is aimed at preventing suppliers from taking advantage of their products to illegally control, disrupt or shut down their clients’ systems, or to gather, store, process or use their clients’ information.

Jiang Jun, Spokesperson of State Internet Information Office, says: “In recent years, Chinese government agencies, companies, universities and telecom companies have suffered extensive invasion and wire-tapping. Last year, disclosures by Mr. Snowden raised alarms to all countries, which without cyber security, there can be no national security.”