2014 World Cup: Social & Economic Impact

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Take a look at the 2014 World Cup: Social & Economic Impact

Total Cost
2006 Germany 1.6 billion USD
2010 South Africa 4 billion USD
2014 Brazil 11.7 billion USD

11.7 billion (TOTAL)
1) Stadium construction- 3.5 billion USD
2) Infrastructure improvements- 8 billion USD
3) Operating expenses- 0.2 billion USD

Which sectors benefit most?
Civil construction
Food and beverage
Business services
Electricity and gas, water, sanitation and urban cleaning
Information Services
Tourism & hospitality

Brazil’s wins with the World Cup

REVENUE: Increased tax collection
Wealth generation for the region
LEGACY: Infrastructure ready for large global events
Renovation of urban equipment
IMAGE: Increased visibility of the city’s brand
International exposure
INTANGIBLE: Increase in people’s self-esteem
Strengthen regional identities
SOCIAL: Large social mobilization and involvement
Creation of new jobs