Tiananmen Square terror attack: Xinjiang court hands out 8 sentences

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The verdict stemming from the terrorist attack in Tiananmen Square last year has been handed out. A court in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China, has found 8 men guilty of the October 28th terrorist attack.

Three have been sentenced to death. The attack took place at the very heart of the nation’s capital, killing 3 and wounding dozens. And for the first time, the court released some disturbing details of the crime. CCTV’s Han Peng reports from Urumqi.

Xinjiang court hands out 8 sentences in Tiananmen Square terror attack

A judicial crackdown on terrorists in China's northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. Chinese officials executed 13 people on Monday for a violent crime spree that killed 34 people there. On the same day, a court in the regional capital of Urumqi found 8 guilty in last year's Tiananmen Square attack in Beijing. CCTV's Han Peng reports.

The verdict in one of the most shocking terror attacks in China. Guilty of organizing and leading terrorism, and endangering public safety. The court sentenced Yushanjiang Wuxuer, Yusupu Wumaierniyazi and Yusupu Aihemaiti death penalty, and deprived them of their political rights for life.

The five other defendants, Gulinaer Tuohutiniyazi, Bujiannaiti Abudukadier, Tuoheti Maihemaiti, Tuzijiang Abulizi and Abula Niyazi, were found guilty of participating in terrorism and endangering public safety.

They were sentenced to five years to lifelong imprisonment. According to the court, the 8 men were part of a terrorist gang formed in 2011.

From December 2012 to September 2013, they went to different areas, looking for guns and explosives. They gathered to watch terrorism video files, and then took an oath to launch explosions and killings in the very heart of the Chinese capital.

The gang came to Beijing, where they acquired a jeep, gasoline, knives and gas masks. They made frequent reconnaissance trips to Tian’anmen Square. On October 28th, three of the members drove the jeep through the crowd, killing three bystanders and wounding 39. They themselves died after the jeep caught fire.

The trial lasted 2 and half days. Detailed, disturbing evidence was presented. Around 400 people were in the courtroom. Some were relatives of the defendants.