Mazen Al-Eshaiker on impact of Iraqi turmoil on oil market

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While the Iraqi government says it is still in control of the country’s main oil refinery, there are conflicting accounts. Analsysts say the refinery and a neighboring power plant supply Iraq with a third of its fuel and nearly a tenth of its electricity.

So how is the ongoing crisis in Iraq affecting the oil market? CCTV’s Jessica Stone interviews Mazen Al -Eshaiker, Chairman of the Injah Development Center; and Economic Advisor to the Iraqi National Congress.

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Interview with Mazen Al-Eshaiker on Iraqi turmoil\'s impact on oil market

Mr. Mazen Al -Eshaiker, the chairman of the Injah Development Center, and an Economic Advisor to the Iraqi National Congress, joined CCTV's discussion on Iraq's turmoil. He joins us from Irvine, California.