Americans falling in love with football

World Today

As the USA moves on to the knock-out rounds of the World Cup, there is growing evidence that the country is gaining a new found love for football. Ellen Scott takes a closer look at the growing epidemic that is World Cup Fever.

The Americans are “rushing” toward round two of the World Cup. With a growing fan base, embracing the sport like never before, Tim Howard the USA Goalie has more to say on the phenomenon.

Tim Howard, USA Goalie: “It’s a true testament to how far soccer has come in this country people are just excited. Leaving work early, the country is stopping to watch us.”

Jordan Schultz from Huffington Post : “The US games in the World Cup have actually done better on TV than both the NBA finals and the World Series. And it is not just soccer fans. Now it is sports fans that are galvanizing and kind of becoming soccer fans.”

Evidence of the World Cup is trending online. Julianne Pepitone , a Senior Tech Writer at NBCNews.Com brings us insights. “So far Twitter has reported 300 million Tweets sent so far in the World Cup so far in the past two weeks, and that’s twice the amount that were sent related to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. “Google has reported 1.2 billion World Cup searches so far…I don’t think we can say that this is an All-American event at this point like the Super Bowl.”

But soccer is definitely attracting more and more fans. Ellen Scott from CCTV News reports.