One-man protest in front of Thailand’s American embassy

World Today

A one-man demonstration against the United States for its alleged interference in Thailand’s domestic affairs took place on Sunday in front of the U.S. embassy in Bangkok.

The demonstration, which was expected to be a large one, ended up with only one man showing up due to a strict martial law issued on May 22 by the military in which any political gathering of five people or more is prohibited.

Thep Vejwisit, the only protestor, said, “I don’t like them to intervene about our country. They’ve got to leave us alone. We want to stay peaceful, don’t want them to intervene in our country. We want to stay alone.”

CCTV’s Martin Lowe reports.

One-man protest at Thailand\'s American embassy

A demonstration took place at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok protesting America's criticism of Thailand's military takeover. However, only one person could take part because of martial law. CCTV's Martin Lowe reports.