Xi calls for accelerated cooperation between U.S. and China

World Today

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for accelerated negotiation on a Sino-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty in a keynote speech at the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue on Wednesday.

Xi said the fields that China and the United States should or could cooperate are broader under the current situation. But opportunity should be created and only creation can make chance, he said.

“Both China and the United States are creative nations. To push forward the development of bilateral relations, it is especially necessary to innovate things so as to keep pace with the times. Both countries should keep renewing their thinking, exploiting cooperative potentiality and fostering cooperation bright spots,” said Xi.

Xi said the two countries should accelerate the negotiation on the Bilateral Investment Treaty and strive to reach a high-level and bidirectionally balanced agreement, so as to push forward the construction of Sino-US economic relations.

With regard to Sino-U.S. economic cooperation, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew also showed willingness to cooperate with China during an interview with China Central Television Reporter at the end of June.

“From our perspective, having a level playing field where U.S. businesses can compete with Chinese businesses, both in the U.S. and China is important. Our markets are very open, we welcome investment, and we look forward to having opportunities for U.S. businesses to participate and contribute to China’s economy,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.

The two-day sixth round of China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue opened in Beijing on Wednesday.