Champion Germany returns home to a hero’s welcome

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Over 400,000 ecstatic fans waited on Tuesday at Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate for the triumphant return of the FIFA World Cup winners after a cliffhanger victory against Argentina. CCTV’s Ira Spitzer reports.

Champion Germany returns home to a hero\'s welcome

The German national team returned to Berlin after winning the football tournament, with thousands welcoming the team home at the airport. An estimated 400,000 lined the streets for a parade and packed a fan zone to celebrate the team's fourth World Cup title. CCTV's Ira Spitzer reports.

Brandenburg Gate was the first stop for German’s national football team after their landing at the capital’s airport. The football stars joined in the celebrations for their fourth FIFA World Cup title, which was also their first in 24 years.

One excited football fan said had arrived at 7AM  after driving for six hours to get to Berlin to attend the event, dubbed the “Fan Mile.”

“This is the largest party ever in the world, and also the best of all,” he said.

The first wave of cheers and excitement came when the plane carrying the German national team flew over the Brandenburg Gate at around 10AM.

However, before the champions met the enthusiasm of their fans, the plane received a water salute upon landing. The aircraft taxied through a triumphant arch formed by plumes of water shoot from two fire vehicles.

As the plane landed, the Word Cup winners boarded a bus parade that took them to the Brandenburg Gate.

After about five hours waiting, the flag-waving crowd erupted in applause and cheering as the open-air-bus carrying the German national football team finally arrived at the gate.