Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Cuba


Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Cuba on the final leg of his four-nation visit to Latin America.

Xi Jinping visited Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Tuesday, and the two exchanged views on bilateral ties, the international situation and other issues of common concern. Xi briefed Castro on his Latin America tour, including the sixth BRICS summit and his meeting with Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Brazil.

Castro, for his part, said he cherishes the memory of his friendly exchanges with China and believes the bilateral relations will yield more fruitful results. “I have paid very close attention to President Xi’ s Latin America trip, and I am delighted to see the successful convening of the BRICS summit and the meeting between leaders of China and Latin American and Caribbean nations,” said Castro.


Those meetings have produced important and positive outcomes, which will greatly strengthen solidarity and cooperation among developing countries and push for reforms in the international governance system, he added.

China is Cuba’s second-largest trade partner after Venezuela. Cuba imports everything from buses and cars to machine tools and household appliances from China. Many goods come with generous interest-free credit from Beijing.

This report was complied with the information from Xinhua News Agency.