Malaysia jet victims’ bodies arrive in Netherlands

World Today

The Ukrainian military confirms anti-Kiev fighters shot down two of its fighter jets near Donetsk on Wednesday.

The separatists claim one of the pilots died and the other is on the run.

Today, MH17’s black boxes haved arrived in the United Kingdom. The British Air Accidents Investigation Branch says it will download the information from the voice and data recorders.

Malaysia, where the flight was heading, held a special session of Parliament. The Malaysian prime minister led a moment of silence, and then condemned the murders of 298 innocent people.

It was a day of national mourning, for the first remains of Malaysia jet victims’ bodies arrived in the Netherlands, home to 193 of the victims on Wednesday.

40 coffins arrive on Dutch soil

Latest in Ukraine, the ongoing unrest and the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Visualization by Dan Matthews Data Source: Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives