Chinese Foreign Minister urges end to Gaza fighting

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China’s foreign Minister Wang Yi came to Egypt to discuss economic and political cooperation, and he has ended his trip with a visit to Arab League, which is headquartered in Cairo. Gaza was high on the agenda. CCTV’s Adel EL Mahrouky reports.

Chinese Foreign Minister urges end to fighting

Chinese Foreign Minister was talking during a visit to the Arab League in Egypt. CCTV's Adel EL Mahrouky reports.

Wang Yi says, “China and the Arab world have the same destiny, we have common developmental goals, same dreams and aspirations. We are bound together with friendship that has been formed through the decades passed from one generation to the other.”

Nabil Al Araby, Secretary General of Arab League says, ”The China Arab Bilateral relations are very successful and are always progressing, we must continue to give it more support, China provides a lot of aid to Arab countries, there are recommendations and initiatives for more, it’s also the only world power that is always supporting our views.”

Nabil Al Araby and Wang Yi also discussed ways to implement the resolutions of the Sixth Arab China cooperation forum, held in June in Beijing. That includes the economic development of the ancient silk road between China and the Arab world.