Survivors of earthquake resettled with shared tents and resources

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The rescue and relief operations continue in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, after Sunday’s powerful earthquake. The death toll has risen to 615, with more than 100 people still missing.

Some 10,000 troops and hundreds of volunteers have been working to clear roads and examine collapsed buildings. All roads leading to Longtoushan Township, where much of the damage occurred, have been cleared.

With thousands of homes destroyed by the earthquake, many people are living in temporary shelters.

With homes torn into shambles by the earthquake, the people of Longtoushan are now resettled under a makeshift, but there is hardly enough room for everyone. There are now only 300 tents available for the 3000 survivors.

Despite the challenging circumstances, many are trying to keep their chins up. In addition to looking after the old and children in their own families, many are volunteering to prepare meals for over 3,000. It’s the sense of community which is helping people overcome the grief of personal losses. With each passing day, many at Longtoushan gradually adapt to their new reality. As power supply and communication services are restored, they hope living conditions will improve with more relief supplies in the coming days.

CCTV’s Wu Lei visited one facility to see what’s it’s like to live with very limited resources.

Survivors of earthquake resettled with shared tents and resources

With thousands of homes around the epicenter destroyed, residents who were moved to safety are now living in temporary shelters. CCTV's Wu Lei visited the biggest relocation center in Longtoushan Township to find out what it is like to live on the bare essentials.