Survivors of Ludian earthquake are in need of counseling

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It’s been five days since the earthquake struck Yunnan province. Most of the survivors are now resettled. But there’s still the matter of their physical and emotional injuries.

The earthquake left the only hospital in Longtoushan Township in ruins. 4 doctors and nurses lost their lives here.

Although the tragedy is a blow to hospital Chief Shao Pu, he leads the surviving doctors and nurses in the relocation center.They come to check patients three times a day. Many suffer from colds and diarrhea.

Over 3,000 survivors are now relocated here. Besides providing free basic medicines, the team distributes health manuals as a reminder. As more medical supplies arrive, Shao Pu says he and his colleagues will do their best to treat the physical hurts. But he notes some patients are suffering from headaches and nightmares, especially the young. Most doctors in this township don’t have the expertise to provide psychological intervention. Survivors need professional help to help them understand and regain their sense of reality.

The doctor said the earthquake also struck in the hearts of these survivors, who are still feeling the aftershocks. He hopes survivors will get timely psych help, or they may end up carrying a lifetime trauma. CCTV America’s Wu Lei reports.

Survivors of Ludian earthquake are in need of counseling

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