Yunnan quake survivors face uncertain future

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Many of the survivors of the Yunnan earthquake saw their houses and life’s work destroyed. Just how are people coping with such heavy loss?

CCTV’s Ning Hong reports from the  hardest hit town, Longtoushan.

Quake survivors face uncertain future after losing everything

Quake survivors face uncertain future after losing everything.

A local resident from Yunnan said, “The earthquake hit just a few minutes after I left the house, my two daughters and parents-in-law were home. My parents are now in the hospital, but my two little daughters were killed, soldiers had to dig for three days to find my little one.”

They buried the two little girls on the hill behind town. Now they are here to find if there is anything useful left.

The shattered family used to lead an abundant life. The young couple peddled Sichuan peppers for living.

The young couple is now living in tents built by soldiers, and the husband is leading a group of volunteers to help others. He wants to keep himself busy, so that he can forget what he lost, if only for a while.