Maryland researchers working on Ebola vaccine

Ebola Outbreak

It’s an ordinary-looking building in the center of Baltimore, Maryland. But inside the University of Maryland School of Medicine, extraordinary things are taking place in the world of deadly diseases.

Scientists here have previously developed effective vaccines against malaria. Now their new mission is creating one for Ebola. On the front lines is Dr. Myron Levine of the school’s center for vaccine development.

Levine is in Mali, which shares a long border with Guinea where Ebola has killed at least 460 people. Mali is also where Levine and other university researchers will be conducting the first phase of clinical trials for a promising Ebola vaccine as early as October.

If all goes well, Levine and his team will then move to phase two, where more healthy, adult volunteers will be given the vaccine with scientists closely monitoring what doses are ideal.

The possibility of stopping Ebola’s deadly wave is enough motivation to keep these scientists going. CCTV America’s Frances Kuo reports.