Ebola Epidemic: China sends lab inspectors to Sierra Leone

Ebola Outbreak

A team of Chinese lab inspectors is on its way to Sierra Leone to aid efforts against Ebola. With them are Chinese-made mobile lab appliances. CCTV America’s Wu Guoxiu has more.

59 lab inspectors are carrying all necessary appliances, including detection reagents developed by Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention to Sierra Leone to help the country battle Ebola epidemic. The inspectors will work at the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital in the outskirts of the capital Freetown. Some of them had assisted efforts to combat the spread of SARS more than a decade ago.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for global efforts to control Ebola as the epidemic has showed no signs of abating. Half of the 4000 afflicted have died from the deadly virus.

Meanwhile, there are worrying reports for Ebola-free African nations. The World Health Organisation has been assessing which African countries could handle in case there’s an outbreak. As CCTV America’s Jane Kiyo reports.