Experts: President Xi’s visit a milestone in China-India relations


President Xi Jinping is set to start his state visit to India on Wednesday. Experts say that President Xi’s upcoming visit to India will be a milestone in the history of bilateral ties, setting the tone for China-India relations for the next decade. CCTV America’s Hou Na reports.

As the world’s two biggest developing countries and emerging economies, both China and India say they are committed to economic development and improving the lives of their people.

At their first meeting at the BRICS Summit in Brazil in July, President Xi Jinping told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that China and India are long-lasting strategic and cooperative partners, rather than rivals.
Experts say that China and India will make further plans for the development of bilateral ties during Xi’s visit, and identify key areas for cooperation.

Xi has urged the two countries to launch a batch of exemplary projects in industrial investment and infrastructure building like railway construction, and expand cooperation in such fields as service trade, investment and tourism, so as to gradually realize a generally-balanced and sustainable bilateral trade.

Ahead of President Xi’s visit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday described the India-China ties as moving ahead from “Inch (India and China) towards Miles (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)”. In a conversation with Chinese journalists based in New Delhi, Modi said, “India and China are bound by history, connected by culture, and inspired by rich traditions. Together they can create a bright future for the entire mankind.”