US to send more money to fight against Ebola

Ebola Outbreak

The U.S. will send up to 3,000 troops to the Ebola region. To direct operations, the U.S. will build a new command and control center in Monrovia, Liberia led by a U.S. Army general.

The plan also calls for the construction of 17 Ebola treatment centers in the region, capable of treating 1,700 patients.

U.S. personnel will train 500 health care workers a week. Along with the United Nations, they will distribute some 400,000 home protection kits in Liberia. 65 U.S. medical professionals will also staff a special treatment center for health care workers.

President Obama says there’s no time to waste. The goal of the U.S. plan contains the current outbreak and build infrastructure to limit future ones.

Those 3,000 U.S. troops are not expected to provide direct patient care, but instead will focus on planning, training and logistics. CCTV’s Jim Spellman reports.