Florida woman helps hundreds of immigration orphans

Americas Now

Nora Sandigo has 817 children. Obviously she is not their biological mother, but their adopted one. As their legal guardian, she takes care of their health, monitors their education and defends their rights. These children are all what are known as immigration orphans, meaning they were born in the United States but have lost their parents to deportations at the hands of the government.

Sandigo, based out of Florida, started by helping two siblings of a mixed-status family in 200 and her family hasn’t stopped growing since. 100,000 children have one parent deported every year with several thousand losing both. Every day, 17 immigration orphans end up in the U.S. foster-care system. Called “The Great Mother” by those she helps, Sandigo is doing as much as possible to make sure these children have a family and a support system.

In addition to providing a family for children without one, Sandigo also distributes food to poor immigrant families where her children live. An immigrant herself, she says she takes care of these children and people because if she doesn’t, no one else will.

“I feel as if they are my kids and I feel responsible for each one of them, for their present and their future, for their wellbeing,” Sandigo says. “One day, I want to see each one of my children becoming professionals and good citizens, as I am sure their parents have always dreamed.”

This week’s Game Changer is Nora Sandigo.