Fresno’s Agriculture becomes tech savvy

Global Business

In California, cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are well-known for their tech scenes. A new crop of tech savvy startups are working hard to put the city Fresno on the technology map. CCTV America’s Mark Niu reports.

The economy of California’s Central Valley is driven primarily by agriculture. However, in the California’s 5th largest city of Fresno, entrepreneurs are looking to cultivate another home-grown commodity.

Bitwise Industries houses 28 startups with the idea of inspiring a tech environment. Inside Bitwise, the startup Lotpath has created an inspection system that uses an iPad to track produce from the farm to the store.

“Within an hour or two I can meet with hundreds of fresh produce companies, I think that face-to-face interaction and being able to drive out into the fields to meet with them in the packing sheds. That’s really beneficial. It’s actually to our benefit to be headquartered in Fresno rather than Silicon Valley.” -Mike Dodson, President & CEO, Lotpath