Buddhist peace event lights up Lincoln Center with lanterns

Americas Now

The bright lights of New York City got a little brighter this week after the international Buddhist community, Shinnyo-en, set lanterns inside paper floats in the Lincoln Center’s reflecting pool.

The lantern floating event promotes peace and was held on September 21, the International Day of Peace, and the opening of the U.N. General Assembly. Uplifting messages are written on the lanterns which are illuminated for the entire world to see.

A Conversation with Mesoamerica Social Movement Leader Patricia Ardon

The actions of Chico Mendes have inspired many activists across the Americas. During our coverage of the events surrounding the U.N. Climate Change Summit in New York, we caught up with one woman from Guatemala who has been supporting grassroots movements in Central America for decades. Her name is Patricia Ardon. Her work focuses primarily on women, youth and indigenous and rural communities and serves to promote a dialogue for building peace and equality across genders. Her efforts have helped produce negotiations with international and regional human rights and development organizations that have had a transformative impact on Guatemala’s underserved population. Americas Now anchor Elaine Reyes sat down with Patricia Ardon to discuss the leadership she is providing for women and youth in Central America.

Before the lanterns were put into the water, the day was filled with entertainment, including artistic performances from performers at Julliard and the New York City Ballet.

The group hopes to encourage compassion, awaken wisdom and strengthen unity.

We hope you enjoy these heartwarming images, illuminated by fire and reflected by water in a balance meant to draw comparisons to life itself.