Schools in Hong Kong resume classes

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More than ten days after widespread protests began in Hong Kong, schools have resumed classes. CCTV America’s Christy Scull reports.

Schools in Hong Kong resume classes

More than ten days after the protests began in Hong Kong, schools have resumed their classes. After secondary and elementary schools reopened earlier, all kids in protest-hit Wanchai, and Central and Western districts are embracing their first day at kindergartens and day care centers. CCTV America’s Christy Scull has this report.


Schools of all levels resumed on Thursday, including the first group of kindergarten children in Wanchai and Central and Western districts. The children arrived around 7 a.m. In order to avoid traffic disruptions, school buses set off 30 minutes early.

“During the class suspensions, we kept in touch with every parent. We phoned, and put our assignments on the internet, and asked the parents to let their kids finish them. I hope that there will be less traffic disruptions that prevent the kids from attending school, said Sister Kamlai-Chun, principal of Hong Kong Precious Blood Kindergarten.

Parents who drive their kids to school also left home at least 30 or 40 minutes early. Some showed concern over the current situation and said they hoped for a return to normality. But as many main streets remain blocked, students and workers are still spending more time on the road. The Hong Kong Special administrative region government has urged residents to plan their trips ahead of time, to avoid adding more traffic on the road.