China releases details of its landmark rule-of-law legal reforms

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Photo: Xinhua

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has released a document detailing its efforts to comprehensively advance the rule of law in the country.

The document, published on Tuesday, states that the rule of law will be a central pillar and will be fully implemented, with most reforms to be completed by 2020.

China, it says, will adhere to a path of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics and speed up the construction of a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics.

The document also stresses heavily on the principle of equality before the law. No organization or individual shall have privileges that transcend the Constitution and laws, it says.

The document further adds that China may “borrow” beneficial legal experience from abroad, but it should not completely adopt foreign legal concepts and models.

Photo: Xinhua

Photo: Xinhua

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Strengthening the Constitution

A key aspect of the decisions taken by the CPC is the call to strengthen the implementation of the Constitution.

December 4 has been designated as National Constitution Day, with all state personnel, elected or appointed by the National People’s Congress and its standing committee, being required to take an oath to uphold the Constitution before they take office.


Further, the principle of administration according to law has also been heavily stressed, along with a call for strengthening the building of a transparent government strictly ruled by law.

The document also says that government procedures will be streamlined, by cutting red tape and reducing the list of things that need approvals by central and local governments.

It also urges for efforts to restrict “rent setting and rent seeking.”

Photo: Xinhua

Photo: Xinhua

Tackling judicial corruption

With regard to judicial reforms, it has been decided that names of any officials who interfere in judicial cases and obstruct justice will be made public.

Moreover, the document states that there will be zero tolerance for judicial corruption and public involvement in the judicial process will be increased.

It also calls for improving public awareness with regard to the rule of law, along with the need for well-rounded legal and judicial aid systems.

The Supreme People’s Court will set up a Circuit Court, which experts say will help judges exercise judicial power independently.

In order to “professionalize” the court system, more officers are to be recruited from among lawyers and legal experts.


Finally, the document calls for enhancing the leading role of the CPC.

The CPC also says that it will strengthen the rule of law, improve Party rules and run the army as per the rule of law.

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