Smartphone app finds next top singing sensation

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A smartphone app has become the latest vehicle in creating hot new pop artists. The Korean group “Bob girls” debuted in June with its first single “No Way” after main vocalist Dahye uploaded a candid video using the Audition app. CCTV America’s U-Jean Jung reports from Seoul.

Smartphone app finds next top singing sensation

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a K-pop artist, but didn't know how to get signed, you might be interested in this service. A smartphone app is helping connect companies with future artists. CCTV America's U-Jean Jung reports from Seoul about this exciting new application.

Dahye, 22, wanted to become a singer since she was 13. She auditioned several times but her life total changed when she uploaded a video of her singing at home using the Audition app by Jocoos.

“Walking into a management agency can feel very nerve-racking, but with this app, you can still seek for a meeting with them just by uploading your song,” she said.

Jocoos launched the Audition app in early 2013. During peak months, up to 3,500 users upload their videos with hopes to become the next K-pop idol.

The company has 11 employees and invites the best online users to audition in person. A handful of last season’s contenders are now in the process of signing contracts with some of South Korea’s leading entertainment management agencies.

“We provide a service that connects supply with demand. Those who want to open auditions and those who want to apply, can both do so easily,” said the the co-founder and chief executive of Jocoos, Choi Changhoon.

More than 40 percent of the app’s traffic comes from overseas, and half of that comes from Southeast Asia.

Most of the app’s users are in high school or college. The next audition season is slated for January, during the winter school break in South Korea.