Beijing prepares security, transportation for APEC meeting


Beijing is gearing up to host the 2014 meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) which is set to officially open on Nov. 5. APEC leaders will discuss how to better integrate economies and trade in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide. The Beijing municipal government made plans to ease traffic and air pollution during the meeting.

Beijing is gearing up to host the APEC meetings and decided to implement an alternate odd-even number plate system for cars. This means that cars with odd number plates will be allowed on the roads on alternate days as ones with even numbered plates. Authorities expect this will lead to a 35 percent drop in the number of private vehicles on the roads.

Conversely, a greater number of trips are expected to be made on public transport.

“City buses and subway companies will increase capacity,” Rong Jun, the spokesperson at Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, said. “The proposed increase of 400 buses will improve the city’s pubic transport capacity by 2 percent.”

From Nov 3 to 6, public transportation will also be adjusted, according to passenger flow. Particular focus areas will be Tiananmen Square, the National Conference Center, Beijing Capital Airport, and major hotels near the conference venues.

“In the surrounding areas near the conference halls, we will implement temporary driving restrictions. We will make a public announcement along with the city transportation commission in advance,” Rong said.

In order to guarantee security and transportation during the days of the meeting, the police will set up check-points in the most populated districts, tourist attractions and conduct regular checks of taxis and tour buses.

CCTV America’s Wang Tong Xuan reports.