2014 midterm elections most expensive in US history


More money has been spent in this midterm election than any other midterm in United States history. The results of Tuesday’s voting will determine which party has control of U.S. Congress — which will impact international affairs and domestic politics.

Republicans need to pick up half a dozen seats to gain control of Congress. As the Democrats try to stop them from keeping the House and winning the Senate, the costs are mounting. In total, about $4 billion (about the annual economic output for the country of Fiji) has been spent on this year’s midterm election.

According to the Los Angeles Times, more than two million TV campaign ads have been purchased for this midterm election alone.

Those who track the ads say most tend to be negative, telling voters why not to back a candidate. The money for these ads comes from businesses and people alike, and previous Supreme Court rulings have said there is no limit to the amount of money corporations or people can donate.

Even before voters head to the polls Tuesday, some candidates are already raising money for the next round of elections in two years. This may be an indication that the 2016 elections could be even more expensive.

CCTV America’s Jessica Stone reports.

Presidential historian and distinguished professor at American University Allan Lichtman joined CCTV America for insight.