APEC 2014: China’s role in the meetings


As world leaders and delegates prepare to arrive in Beijing for the APEC meetings, questions are being raised about how much more work has to be done to realize one of APEC’s ultimate goals: creating a free-trade area that will help usher in a new era of prosperity.

CCTV’s Han Bin interviewed several Chinese experts who say China is working with other economies to build a new Asia-Pacific economic cooperation that is more inclusive and open.

China hopes the Beijing meeting can rebuild consensus on the integration of multiple free trade zones, and create conditions for an FTA encompassing the entire Asia-Pacific.

China has made a big shift from passively accepting trade norms to actively framing new trade rules. With its growing economic strength, the country is aiming to play a bigger role in leading the global economy, and getting APEC back on the track of a more comprehensive trade system in the long run.