Chinese SWAT team gears up for upcoming APEC meeting


With the APEC Meeting just around the corner, Beijing has pulled out all the stops for a meeting it hopes will boost economic cooperation and raise the city’s international profile.

The government has also heightened security to help ensure the week-long meeting runs smoothly. Drills to combat terrorist activities have been carried out, with China’s SWAT team taking part in the drills for the first time.

CCTV’s Wei Jie reports.

An anti-terrorism drill was held at a conference center in a suburb of Beijing. The scenario was a terrorist hijacking of a bus full of people.

The Joint-drill was held by the People’s Armed Police Corps, and China’s SWAT Team, the Snow Leopard Commando Unit.

The People’s Armed Police hope it can increase the combat capabilities of the soldiers and ensure a safe Beijing during the upcoming APEC meeting.