Route 2014: Road to the US election for a Chinese audience

Route 2014

Midterm Elections Continuing Coverage

Our Route 2014 series, which takes viewers from Chicago to Kentucky to Tennessee, is also about introducing U.S. elections to China. CCTV America’s Mandarin reporting team told stories of middle America to hundreds of millions viewers in China. Senior Mandarin correspondent Wang Guan and photographer Fan Bai looked at issues that mattered to American voters, from health care and income disparity to foreign policy.

CCTV 北美分台中文报道团队纵穿美国报道中期选举。资深记者王冠和白帆探访美国选民最关心的议题,包括医保、经济、就业和外交反恐等议题。更多内容请关注微博:@记录者王冠

Health care


Income inequality

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