African leaders meet in Burkina Faso to discuss transition to civilian rule

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The Presidents of Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana met with Burkina Faso’s transitional leader Isaac Zida to discuss a return to civilian rule. CCTV America’s Kofa Mrenje reported this story from the country’s capital, Ouagadougou.

African leaders meet in Burkina Faso to discuss transition to civilian rule

A new push for a return to civilian rule in Burkina Faso --as West African leaders arrive for talks on the handover of power. The Presidents of Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana met with the transitional leader. As CCTV America's Kofa Mrenje reports many are optimistic the military will hand over power.

Six days after widespread protests toppled the presidency of Blaise Compaore, the clean-up is still underway.

Among the targets for last week’s outpouring of anger were the headquarters of Compaore’s party and the Parliament that had been preparing a vote to give Compaore another term. It was his quest for more years in office that hundreds of thousands to the streets.

“It is not that people did not like Blaise Compaore. People just did not want the move to change the Constitution to allow him to run again for presidency. He worked well for this country. But 27 years were enough,” said Ouagadougou resident Karim Nacoulma.

For many the victory was short-lived. The military took charge as soon as Compaore went into exile in Côte d’Ivoire. The African Union has labelled the military action a coup, and is demanding the army hand over control, or face sanctions.

Many in the capital are optimistic that the army will hand over power to civilian rule. Some said it’s taking too long, while others said it gives the army enough time to choose someone who will be accepted by all.

“The army, they know the country. If the former president left the country in peace, we believe that the army also will do the same,” said resident Stephane Baroo.

In the meantime, the city is waiting to see who emerges as a new leader after they made it clear last week that they’re desperate for change.